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About Us


Plus One Promotions came to life in Sept 2004 as a brand new Brisbane based small business start up with a handful of loyal clients. Our product offerings were relatively few compared to the thousands we have today, but our commitment to providing the best value for money promotional products in Australia remains unchanged.

We are independent of any manufacturers and are 100% Australian-owned. We specialise in providing effective marketing and advertising solutions to a client list that we are very proud to be associated with, whether they be a lawn mowing business or an airline.

Your brand is a huge asset to your business and what we offer are ways to strengthen and grow your brand. We chose the name Plus One Promotions to reflect our desire to be a positive addition to your business. We understand that in order for us to be successful we must first provide successful solutions for you. 

You will hear us use the words effective and successful frequently. That’s because at Plus One these are the results we strive for on your behalf. Whilst we produce innovative and creative solutions, they are not an end in themselves. If a product doesn’t fit with what you are trying to achieve, or doesn’t address your target market, then there is room for improvement.

What is our value proposition to you ?

“Best value for money Promotional Products in Australia”

Two factors enable us to achieve this.

Firstly, our efficient and lean operations mean we can offer industry competitive pricing on all our products.

Secondly, we take great care to help you select the product that will be the most effective and most successful for your target market. There is no benefit in giving ice to an Eskimo.

The Plus One Promotions SYSTEM©

We tackle our work in a professional and methodical way to ensure you get what you want, when you want it. This coupled with our “Best value for money” philosophy means our SYSTEM works for you.                

Energy &

Quality Products. Quality Decoration. Quality Service.

Promotional marketing is a fun industry with a serious purpose. We combine a happy workplace with professionalism and enjoy sharing that with our customers.

Plus One has a fantastic network of suppliers whom we select for the quality and consistency of their products and their absolute ability to deliver on time, every time. Every day we receive new product releases, product updates and specials from our suppliers. A great way to see what is new and innovative in the world of promotional products is to follow our Facebook page.

What makes a promotional product different to a standard product is branding. We put a significant amount of effort into our relationships with the best decorators in the business. You entrust us with your brand and we take great care and great pride in making it shine.

What we can show you on this website is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can achieve for you. There are thousands of products available immediately for branding. Plus we have the resources to offer you custom manufactured goods from local and overseas factories.


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